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An experimental film showing an emotional journey in an abstract, visual way

The Pigeon is a short experimental film that focuses on the conflicted feelings of Irene, a young artist from Hong Kong. On the outside it might seem like not much is happening in her life but inside, her brain is buzzing with different thoughts and emotions.

Who we are

My name is Anna Koronkiewicz, I'm the Director and Producer of The Pigeon. I've been interested in experimental cinema since my 2nd year of University, which is when I started exploring the creative possibilities that it provides. I want my final year project to combine film, art and psychology, as these are all close to my heart.

My idea for The Pigeon came to me after talking with friends. As a result of our conversations, it became obvious to me how much doubt and anxiety we all have, even though on the outside we may seem calm and composed. I therefore decided to explore this state of mind through experimental film.

Rebeca Mendoza (below on the right) will be working with me on the project. She became interested in the project as she is also keen to explore the potential of experimental cinema. As a talented cinematographer with impressive skills and a lot of creativity, she will help make The Pigeon a stunning visual experience.

The Pigeon's purpose

The film's purpose is to show the contrast between our internal and external states. One of the biggest aspects of adolescence and becoming an adult is the sense of confusion and anxiety about things to come. We all experience doubts about our future at some stage. With this film I want to capture the essence of those thoughts and feelings, presenting them to the audience in an artistic way. I hope that by seeing these thoughts and feelings on screen, young people will be able to relate to them and feel better about their insecurities.

our cast

Irene - Elaine Kwok (left) will play our protagonist. Elaine is an amazing model and performer. Her look and personality will make the film truly special.

Irene’s best friend - Sarah Al Qaoud (right) will play Helen. Sarah is from Kuwait and will inject great charisma and energy into the character.

The visual impact we hope to create

The film will bring together a group of artists who will seek to create a multi-layered experience. Working with animators, artists and sound designers, our goal is to find a combination of imagery and sound that evokes certain emotions.

Depicting a certain state of mind in this way isn’t easy as it's something very abstract and personal. However after many brainstorms and experiments, we have settled on some definitive ideas that will use different art techniques, including traditional animation and unconventional art techniques. We believe these will allow us showcase our vision in the best way possible.

Sneak peaks

We started shooting some of the scenes in December. These started as vague ideas about how we can show emotions, but after many tests and experiments we've created a set of scenes that will make abstract internal passages in the film. Here are some examples:

why we need your help

The Pigeon is a low budget production, running primarily on the passion and creativity of the cast and crew. Despite this, there are some modest funds we need to make the film, so we hope some kind donors will help us raise these!

With our campaign, we are hoping to raise £500 in total.

Our budget breakdown is as follows:

If we hit our minimum target of £350, money that we receive will be spent on art materials to help with the creation of rich visual effects, lunches for the cast and crew, as well as props and set design so that we can make the film even more unique.

If we hit our stretch goal of £500, we will also be able to enter The Pigeon into film festivals around the world so it is seen by as many as possible. Our main priority will be entry into experimental film festivals such as London Experimental, PIFF ('Prague Independent Film Festival'), or even Hong Kong International Film Festival.


We are very grateful to everybody who contributes to our project because without your support, it wouldn't be possible. As a thank you to donors, we are offering rewards that match the artistic nature of the film. These include original art works that have been created especially for this production! Check out the right side of our crowdfunding page for more information about our rewards.

where to find us

We will be updating our crowdfunding page with all Pigeon -related news throughout our campaign but for regular updates you can also visit:

The Pigeon Instagram

spread the word!

By helping us promote the project, the greater the chance we have of finishing our film and sharing it with the world. Without your support we won't be able to make this film come to life. We appreciate every pound that you can donate and we promise to share all updates on our production with you.

If you think our idea is interesting please also share it with your friends, family and anybody else you know. Let's make The Pigeon happen!!