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Key Employability and Study Skills Training

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Jordan Andrews and I am the director of Ultimate Focus. I am really passionate about helping people with personal development, as well as project and event management. I have put a bit of information about me below and I also have several MSc students who I am looking to work with in developing these workshops.


  • MSc Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
  • BSc Psychology degree
  • Level 3 Diploma - Career Coaching
  • Level 4 -  Personal Trainer

Work Experience:

  • Deputy Sports Operation Manager at MDX University: Project Management, Enterprise & Team Management
  • Business Support Officer at LSBU: Project Management, Communications & Events

  • Personal trainer/Fitness Instructor at LSBU: Training/Coaching Clients; Motivator & Project Management
  • Owner/Organiser of Epic London Adventures (8000 members+): Enterprise & Event Management

The Ultimate focus story and vision

Ultimate Focus aims to improve the employability, personal character development and academic performance of university students through interactive learning of key soft skills and mindset workshops to improve student focus. We also offer an affordable option for 18-30 year old professionals through open courses and provide members of local communities with the opportunity to improve their skill levels.

The soft skills covered in our workshops can range from leadership, creativity, teamwork, organisation and planning, innovation, negotiation, communication, sales, and more. Learning is delivered through the creation of fun and interactive activities that enable participants to assimilate the critical learning points and importance of these skill areas.

Ultimate focus also aims to assist in closing the gap between academia and employers so that students can work on relevant challenges during their time at university and employers are provided with the opportunity to headhunt new talent.

Why Ultimate Focus Matters - the research

The CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey (2017) of 340 organisations in the UK found that:

  • 86% of employers thought attitude to work and character were the most important qualities, followed by aptitude for work - with 67% respondents citing this as a key quality; general academic ability only accounted for 43%
  • 50% of employers were concerned with student leavers' level of analysis, communication, self-management and resilience.
  • 29% were concerned with student leavers' level of team work. 

This study and many others have shown there is a need for students and young people to have stronger soft skills. This gap in what employers want and get from potential employees has led to the development of Ultimate Focus.

Your plan of action

Universities: Pilot courses at Middlesex University/Promotions

I will look to work with other departments within the university to run a pilot course. To market Ultimate Focus and its sessions to students, I will leverage relevant online university marketing channels, using both social media and online promotional banners; put posters and leaflets around campus; run free workshops at Freshers Fair on ‘how to achieve higher’; and seek out opportunities to give 3-4 min presentations in lectures at the start of next academic year.

Open courses- Meetup/google adwords

We are looking to attract between 8 and 16 people per open course. To achieve this, I will use my Meetup group of 8000 members and other Meetups to promote open courses. I will also use Google AdWords on some searches that haven't been utilised, so that I can get to the top of the page via this method. 

Local community skill development schemes: Pitching/Business Competitions

I will utilise my networks and the referrals I am getting as a result of winning business competitions in order to build partnerships with communities. Additionally, I will look to work with the West London Alliance to assist in improving the skill levels of 16-24 year olds within West London. I will also consider offering free trials to obtain new clients.

The start-up cost for the year is below, however with an initial funding of £3000 the business should be sustainable enough to generate the rest of the funds.

Growth and Impact:

How you can help me!

Any support, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. In return, I will be looking to offer rewards to those that wish to contribute towards this great cause as a token of appreciation. This will include places on courses as well as the option to host a course at your centre. Please check the reward list on the right side!

Even if you can't support this project financially, you can still help by sharing my campaign on your social media or spreading the word to your friends and family!