Undefined Mind

A project by: Dora Kende



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What does it feel like, not to feel?


Ellie, a 16-year-old girl, lives with a condition, called Alexithymia, that makes it difficult for her to recognise and express emotions. Her father's death puts her in a situation she has never been in before. She tries to make sense of her mother's behaviour affected by the sorrow. She becomes confused and angry after a heated exchange with her mother, but doesn't understand why. With her knowledge of emotions and body language, she recognises she is angry at herself for failing to console her mother. She finds a way to comfort her, and they share a moment of connection.

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Director's vision

Ellie's condition is uncommon and difficult to understand. It is not something that everyone experiences, but many people can relate to not knowing how you feel in a given situation, especially when grieving. In addition, not knowing how to help your parents can be confusing at times, since they are the ones who are always there for their children.

This is something I want to emphasise so people can connect to the story and characters. Despite the fact that Ellie is our protagonist, I'd like to highlight her special relationship with her mother. My goal as a director is to present Ellie's world and show it in a way that is understandable.