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A small business aiming to make a big impact through sustainable crochet/knitwear fashion.

My name is Tannika and I've been running my small business, Unique Boutique London, for three years now. I specialise in making handmade crochet garments such as dresses, top/skirt sets and tops. Since its launch, I have helped to finance my business through part-time work because I believe in what I do. I also appreciate those that have believed in me too on my journey.

There are various challenges that come with running a young business, however my efforts so far have not been wasted. I have a healthy following across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. My business has also continued to grow each year, which has given me the opportunity to expand.

Throughout my campaign page you can see examples of my work.

why crochet?

I've always found it difficult to find clothing for my body type. This inspired me to start creating my own clothing. I also wanted to do something that could fit around my lifestyle. Crochet was the perfect craft as it allowed me to create 'on-the-go' and design garments that fitted me and my clients like a glove. Having crocheted for over 2 years now, I have learnt much about the art.

The vision: sustainable fashion at affordable prices

Sustainability is a key factor for me and at the heart of my future business plans. My objective is to create more sustainable fashion at affordable prices.

At present there are various places where people can buy sustainable fashion but many of these options are not affordable. These garments are more expensive to make and the price of production is then passed on to the consumer. It's easier to shop fast fashion because these garments are made at considerably lower prices and therefore can be sold at a lower retail price.

While I already provide crochet garments at a more affordable rate than other vendors, I would now like to provide sustainable crochet garments at an affordable rate.

Common and more affordable yarns such as acrylic aren't biodegradable. They are also often washed and dyed in chemicals that can be harmful to our soil and water if not disposed of correctly. Yarns need to be made of 100% natural fibres in order to be biodegradable. Yarns such as linen and cotton are sustainable alternatives to these so my intention is to make the move towards using more sustainable materials in my production.

This crowdfunding campaign will allow me to do the following:

1. Raise funds for a knitting machine so I can create sustainable fashion in the form of knitwear. The faster pace of the knitting machine will help me reduce production time and associated costs. This will allow me to offer designs at affordable prices.

2. I will be able to begin investing in eco-friendly yarn for my first collection of sustainable designs, which I hope will generate interest among people about how their clothing is made and the impact that they have on the environment.

what i hope to achieve - with your help!

I hope to raise £750 with the help of some generous donors. The price of a good quality knitting machine ranges from £300-£600, so the bulk of the money raised will be invested here. I will use the remaining funds to invest in eco-friendly materials for the first collection, enabling me to make the transition from a fashion business to a sustainable fashion business.

  • Knitting machine: £300-£600
  • Eco-friendly yarn such as cotton and linen range from £9.99-£21.99 per 100g ball.

If I raise additional funds then I will invest in appropriate marketing activities for the collection. This includes online advertisement and undertaking a collection photo shoot. I'm open to collaborating with other Middlesex University students who are knowledgeable in these areas.


Rewards will include personal discounts and website mentions. Full information can be found on the right side of this page.

where You can find me

Twitter: @Ublondon_

Facebook: Unique Boutique London

Instagram: Uniqueboutiqueldn


I will give regular updates on my campaign's progress via social media, my blog and on the MDX platform. 

spread the word!

If you can't donate personally that's fine! You can still help me by spreading the word or putting me in contact with someone you may know. Feel free to follow me on social media or contact me to find out more. Your support is greatly appreciated.