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A serial killer on the loose. A girl desperate to win back her father’s love. A prey turned predato

Who We are

-Our director is Ben Bogdan Hodgson, he's had plenty of experience both inside the university and outside industry work, this piece is his passion project as he is not only directing but was also the co-writer of the project. We are all very excited to put his vision to the screen. -Ieve Dubosaite is our editor and costume designer, she has already done some amazing work on past projects at the university and we're all looking forward to seeing the fantastic work she will bring to this project. -Alejandro Fernandez will work as our director of photography, outside of university he works as a freelance cinematographer so has plenty of experience and will bring a professional quality to the finished film. -Hana Maloku is our very talented art director who will be working with the arts team to produce all of our props and set designs to bring the world of the script to life. -Thomas Raby is producing. Over the last couple of years he has had experience working ona  range of productions in the industry, from live broadcast television to adverts for a number of brands as well as having produced a number of short films. 

Our story and vision

A serial killer on the loose. A girl desperate to win back her father’s love. A prey turned predator.

Our entire team have been huge fans of Alice in Wonderland since we were kids and the chance to produce something playing on the themes and designs of the original story is a dream come true for each of us, we're all putting everything we have into this project and not just because its our final film of the year, but it really is something each of us want to make and with this kind of enthusiasm for the project, it can't be anything other than perfect.

Our plan of action

Regardless of the money we raise we will be producing the project, however raising the full amount will allow us to make the film to the highest possible quality it could be. 

- If we hit the minimum fundraising target we will be putting all of the money raised on trying to create believable backgrounds and building a set to film in and covering the travel for actors

- If we hit the maximum target we will  be able to rent out locations to film in which will allow us to save time on building sets, we can put more funding into the set dressing and costumes, hiring professional actors and organising travel for cast and crew..

- Any extra funds raised will be put into the project, alowing us to buy more experienced actors and spend more to create a realistic word for the film. 

- We will be providing weekly updates on the crowdfund page to update supporters with the film's progress. There will also be production photos being uploaded onto the social media accounts for the film.

Cost Breakdown

Locations: £700

Actors: £534

Travel: £166

Catering: £150

Props and costumes: £700

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