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The story of two brothers and their struggle to reconnect after being apart for seven years.

Who you are we?

Hi Everybody!

We are second year Film students at Middlesex University and we are currently making our final film of the year, "Will". Written and directed by Filippo Locatelli, Produced by Simon Bogdan.

Currently we are in the pre-production stages of the film starting principal photography on the 21st of March.

story and vision

We truly believe in the power of Social Realism as the strongest way to convey relevant topics present in our society such as ownership of properties and family issues.  This belief informs how we have gone about developing our film 'Will'.

Here is a brief Synopsis of the Film:

Thomas and Dave are two brothers who haven´t seen each other for the last seven years.

Following the death of their father, they meet again at their farm to discuss the future of the family business. Whether to sell the farm or not. 

Some disagreements lead the two brothers to reconsider their past choices and their relationship.

"Will" follows a specific and crucial moment in the life of our two main characters and their relationship as brothers. 


The money raised for this film will help us get essentials that we need to complete it.

The cost of the film includes:

- Casting actors , £150

- Locations,  £100

- Transport,  £100

- Food, Crew & Cast,  £130 

We are aiming to hit our target of £500 which covers most of our expenses.

Any additional funding after this will go straight into the film, helping to making our production run more smoothly. 

We are appealing to friends, family and anyone interested in the topics we address to donate and help us create the picture we want to make.


Please visit our rewards section to learn more about some of the great rewards available to you. There are different rewards for different levels of donation!

spread the word!

A big thank you to everyone who donates and helps to spread the word of this film. It is very much appreciated.

We are looking forward to showing you all the final product!