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Join us as we travel the world's the longest roads.

Where The Road Takes Us is a documentary series that will take viewers on road trips along the world's longest roads, meeting locals along these routes and exploring the culture and history of the areas along the way.

We hope that a few generous donors will want to join us on the first of these road trips - by supporting our pilot episode. With your support, we can bring our new take on travel documentaries to the screen!

The Pilot Episode

Our first journey will commence at Km0, Chaves, in the Coimbra region of Portugal. We’ll then be following the N2 road, covering more than 700 km and crossing 11 districts and 13 rivers.

Using both narrative and voiceover, we’ll be giving viewers an insight into the local communities and areas within the road’s vicinity - from local restaurant owners, to farmers, and even museum owners. We’ll also be speaking to travellers who have already made this road trip.

In total, the finished pilot episode will be around ten minutes long.

Our route along this road will be as follows:

• Chaves (Starting Point - Food)

• Régua (Porto Wine)

• Pedrogão Grande

• Ferreira do Alentejo

• Faro (Finishing Point – Beach).

Our audience:

Our target demographic for the documentary series is broad – travellers and people who like road trips, aged between 20 and 50 years old.

Budget required - why we need your support!

To complete our trip, we are hoping to raise a minimum of £500. With your support, we can take viewers on the first of what we hope will be many road trips around the world.

 Our base city will be Porto, so we will use money raised to fund the following:

• Journey from Chaves to Régua and Pedrogão Grande: £100 (£50 for fuel and £50 for food for our crew)

• Journey to Pedrogão Grande, Faro: £100 (£50 for fuel and £50 for food for our crew)

• Journey from Ferreira do Alentejo to our end point, Faro: £300 (£250 for fuel and £50 for food for our crew).

Meet our Director/Producer:

“Hi, my name is Duarte Bandeira and I was born in Portugal. Since 2016, I have been working in the industry as a camera operator at music festivals and I now run my own company in Portugal. While I typically work within the technical area of the industry, I am still motivated to create new engaging concepts for film and TV."

“I decided to make this project because nowadays, everyone loves to travel. Given the popularity of road trips, I thought why not make a documentary series that follows the longest road in each country? We are starting with the N2 in Portugal because it is where I'm based but if this crowdfunding campaign and the resulting pilot episode go well, we’ll also go to Spain, the UK, Germany, and many other countries. I hope you will join us on our journey!”

The rest of our team:

• Producer/Sound: André Araújo

• Lighting: Tomás Bandeira

• Camera Operator: João Lopes

How we will film safely during covid-19:

We will be test our crew before and after production and everyone will be using masks. We will  also be adhering to social distancing rules.


In the event we need to cancel our project as a result of Covid-19, we will be offering donors refunds minus any costs incurred during pre-production. We will be ensuring upfront costs are kept to a bare minimum though until we know we can proceed as planned!

Follow us:

As this is just a pilot we don't have any social media but if you want to follow our project you can stay updated through this crowdfunding page or via Duarte’s Instagram Profile @bandidud.

Help us raise awareness of our campaign:

Even if you can’t support us financially, you can still help us by sharing the link to our crowdfunding campaign with anybody you think would be interested in our documentary. This type of support is hugely appreciated.

For those of you who are able to donate, we are so grateful to you for your financial support!

Thank you!